Thai: Laew pop kun mai na


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I would like to know what "Laew pop kun mai na" means in Thai please? This is part of the exchange I had in a chat. I think it is something in vein of "see you soon." Could I have each words explained too?

Flam: Ratree sawat, khun "Flam's interlocutor"!
FI: Swasdee kha Khun Flam, Laew pop kun mai na....... Bye now.

If the transcription is not accurate, I hope the context gives clue.

Thank you in advance,
  • tori

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    'laew pop kun mai na' written เเล้วพบกันใหม่นะ basically means 'so see you soon'.
    'laew' means so
    'pop kun' means see each other, meet each other...
    'mai' means again
    and 'na' is just a word you say to make things more colloquial
    hope that helps :)
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