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    I need to translate the sentence bellow into Thai. The contexts: this phrase is going to be on a sign at a conference where there will be simultaneous interpretation in various languages. Organizers want to make sure speakers presenting topics are aware that what they say will be translated (verbally, “live” -interpreted) and so speakers should 1) “speak naturally” (no need to be super slow!) and 2) make a short stop after a coherent ideas has been said. Thanks in advance for any help! The English phrase and my bad Thai attempt follow:

    “You are being interpreted - Please speak at normal pace and pause after complete thought”

    คำพูดของคุณกำลังถูกแปล – กรุณาพูดตามปกติและหยุดเมื่อบอกเสร็จความคิด??
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    I suggest the S+V+O structure in the first phrase.

    เรา (ผม/ดิฉัน) กำลังแปลให้คุณ กรุณาพูดตามปกติ และหยุดเมื่อพูดจบ (แต่ละประโยค)
    I am interpreting for you. Please speak at normal pace and pause when each sentence is finished.
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    Thank you very much, iKOL! (and Flaminius for editing the title!)

    I think your version is much closer, although the idea is not that the speaker stops after “each sentence is finished,” but rather after a whole idea is finished…

    The sentence that follows was the one I finally used (got no complains, so I assume it was not too bad –or so I hope!). But I would be very interested in getting it right so I can use it again in the future. Comments/corrections are very welcome! Thnaks again!

    คำพูดของคุณกำลังถูกแปล กรุณาพูดด้วยความเร็วปกติ และ เว้นจังหวะเล็กน้อยหลังจากพูดจบแต่ละประเด็น

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