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"Reliable solutions" is considered placing more emphasis on reliability than "Dependable solutions" does.
I made that sentence and I was wondering if the underlined part is gramatically correct.

Could you let me know if the following options would work?

i) ... than "Dependable solutions" does (on reliability)
ii) ... than "Dependable solutions" is (considered placing emphasis on reliability)

If so, would it be also correct if you say "...than does "Dependable solutions"?
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    Hi, Wookie.

    With a little editing, I agree with you:

    "Reliable solutions" is considered to be placing more emphasis on reliability ...

    i) ... than "Dependable solutions" does (on reliability). [or ... than "Dependable solutions" places (on it).]
    ii) ... than (what) "Dependable solutions" is (considered to be placing (on it) emphasis).

    ... than does "Dependable solutions". This sounds a little odd to me after placing.

    "Reliable solutions" places more emphasis on reliability than does "Dependable solutions". :tick:
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