1. CédricC New Member

    French (France métropolitaine)

    I was at the post office this morning and when I was paying for my two cardboards, the employee said : "Thank you buddy". Is it usual ? How would you translate in French ? Because it sounds a bit informal (I'm young, so of course it was not a problem...) :)

    Thanks :)

  2. Micia93

    Micia93 Senior Member

    in the center of France
    "merci mon gars" ?
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  3. ClarifyTT2010 Senior Member

    Merci bien mon pote.
  4. esteban Senior Member

    Colombia Spanish
    Bonjour CédricC,

    En principe, ce serait quelque chose du genre "merci, vieux", "merci, mon (petit) gars"... Mais c'est vrai qu'en France, il est plutôt rare qu'une personne travaillant dans le service public emploie ce genre d'expression. En revanche, certains commerçants -au marché, dans les brocantes, dans les petits restos "à la bonne franquette", etc.- sont carrément plus détendus...

  5. CédricC New Member

    French (France métropolitaine)
    Ok, thank you very much, buddies ! :)
  6. Dr. Baha'i Senior Member

    Athens, GA
    English - U.S.
    Now, as for "cardboards," do you mean post cards?
  7. CédricC New Member

    French (France métropolitaine)
    No, "cardboard", like what you use for moving out, where you put some personal stuffs. I bought two cardboards which I will use as parcels.
  8. toban

    toban Senior Member

    English - Canada
    For what it's worth, I would be a little startled if a post office worker who I didn't know called me "buddy." I suppose some people have the type of disarming personality that allows them to treat strangers as friends.
  9. mikethehockeyfan New Member

    English - Montréal, Canada
    I think using "buddy", especially in a situation where an employee is serving a customer, is quite informal.

    That said, from a North American standpoint if the employee and the customer were the same age range and male, I think it is acceptable. If I were served by a woman and she called me "buddy", however, I would look at it as being a bit dismissive and negative.
  10. Fryegirl4 Member

    English - USA
    cardboards = boxes
  11. CédricC New Member

    French (France métropolitaine)
    The employee was a man and he is about thirty. I'm 21, so quite the same age range ;-)

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