thank you! but you are late


Canada, English
Hi everyone,

here's the context. a friend wishes me a happy belated birthday so i want to say "thank you!! but you are late (i'm saying this jokingly)"

heres my try:

謝謝. 但你遲到

does this sound right?
thanks a lot
  • SuperXW

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    It's understandable but not natural. In a natural way we say something like 謝謝。不過你遲了。
    A 了 should be added at the end to finish of the statement.


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    more, “但你遲到” makes no sense. because the sujet is not "你". It's “your wish". So you should say "但你的祝福遲到了". And the “了” fonctions as the past tense in english.
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