"Thank you for coming" in honorific ?

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    My teacher asked us to prepare something like a press conference with the business Japanese he has taught us, but I still have a lot of trouble with 敬語 and all the verbs for politeness.

    My head is a mess right now, so I would appreciate if you can correct me or write a new sentence to say "Thank you for coming today" in a very formal way.

    Is one of these correct?

    I cannot decide whether I should use 尊敬語 or 謙譲語 because I cannot identify the subject...
    It depends on how you look at it:
    -(You) made me the favor of coming today.
    -(I) received your favor of you coming today.

    Which one is correct?

    In addition, there must be some way of saying ありがとうございます in a more polite way, that would help a lot too.

    Thank you very much and sorry for the mess.
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    Normally, it would be お越しいただき(誠に)ありがとうざいました。
    However, the translation may change depending on the context. For instance, in a shop, you are much more likely to hear ご来店いただき(誠に)ありがとうございました。
    Let's wait for others to chime in :)
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    It'd be the former if you used くださる.
    ~てくださる is (I believe) the honorific form(尊敬語) of ~てくれる.
    The subject for 来てくれる is "you", or the hearer. eg. 「(あなた)(私のために)来てくれる/来てくださる。」
    (Click "Example(7)", and you'll find an example sentence "今日ここに来てくだださってありがとうございます", which, as you might see, is a typo for "今日ここに来てくさって~~." I think "今日は来てくださってありがとうございます" might sound more natural though.)
    So how about...

    And it'd be the latter if you used いただく.
    This page says ~ていただく is the humble form(謙譲語) of ~てもらう.
    The subject for 来てもらう is "I", or the speaker. eg. 「(私)(あなたに)来てもらう/来ていただく。」

    Yes, I think you can use this phrase when closing the conference, because it's in the past tense.

    I can't think of any... maybe 誠に恐縮に存じます? Hmm maybe not. :confused:

    Ahh maybe it's 厚く/心より御礼[おんれい]申し上げます... (but it might sound a bit too formal for thanking the participants for attending a press conference...)
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