-Thank you for helping me - Absolutely./It's ok.


Hi,I usually tell my students if they are thanked by others they can respond by phrases like" You are welcome/. Not at all./ My pleasure./Don't mention it.etc." but one of my student told me when he was in Eastern America, heoften heard people say"Absolutely" when they are thanked.Is it appropriate? I feel it 's not polite. and can I use" it's ok" to respond to thanks since I read from books people do say " it's all right", these two phrases seem to mean the same in my opinion. Thanks a lot.
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    There are all sorts of things to say in response to "Thank you" – "You're welcome" (not "You are welcome") being one of the most common.

    So these will be heard:
    My pleasure.
    Don't mention it.
    Not at all.
    It's OK.
    It's all right.
    No problem.
    No worries.
    You got it.

    I sometimes use the first one and occasionally "Sure" and never use any of the others. Part of your choice will depend on who you're talking to.

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