thank you for picking me up

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  1. hydda22 Member

    how would i say this? (if i was thanking someone for picking me up from the airport)

    merci de m'avoir passé de prendre? or merci d'avoir me passé de prendre?
    i know one of the words has to be in the past tense but i can't figure out which one. it is bugging me!

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  2. pip-pip Member

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    You'd say "merci d'être venu(e) me chercher" or "merci d'être passé(e) me prendre".
  3. hydda22 Member

    ahh thanks so much. it seems my french skills are disappearing and i only have 80 days until i go to france to study :( i need to pick it up!
  4. elypea New Member

    How would one say 'Thank you for picking me up' in french. For example if somebody was picking you up from the train station.
    Would you say 'merci de passer me prendre'?

  5. SwissPete

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    :) Welcome to the forum, elypea.

    Yes, your suggestion is good. You could also say « Merci d'être venu me chercher ».
  6. Trance?mmm...later

    Trance?mmm...later Senior Member

    oui, ça marche, ou merci de venir me chercher/ d'être venu(e)me chercher...
  7. elypea New Member

    Thank you!!! :D

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