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Discussion in '日本語 (Japanese)' started by Kirino, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Kirino New Member

    I am doing coursework for my japanese class, and was wondering how to write/say the following:

    - I live with two friends.

    - Japanese Coursework (to use as title)

    - Thank you for reading.

    For now I can only read/write hiragana.

    Thank you for your help. :)
  2. frequency

    frequency Senior Member

    Tokyo, Japan
    Okay..with romaji and Japanese.

    ふたりのゆうじんとすんでいます。二人の友人と住んでいます。Futari no yuujin to sunde imasu.

    にほんごがくしゅう 日本語学習 Nihongo gakushuu

    よんでくれてありがとうございます。読んでくれてありがとうございます。Yonde kurete arigatou gozaimasu.

    Coursework is the most difficult..we may include it into learning.
    Writing practice? Your teacher and classmates will read your writing?
  3. Kirino New Member

    Thank you very much.

    My teacher will correct my handwriting mostly and see if I can construct sentences (I have only been learning since september.)

    Turns out I had the first one right already. Only 30 Sentences to go (we need 50)
  4. frequency

    frequency Senior Member

    Tokyo, Japan
    Good. After posting, I thought ごせいどくありがとうございます Goseidoku arigatou gozaimasu would be better instead of Yonde kurete arigatou gozaimasu. But this sounds too adult, so your teacher might aware that you've used the Internet or forum! If you want to avoid that, select Yonde kurete arigatou gozaimasu. Basically both are OK.
  5. Wishfull Senior Member

    In Japanese, the past tense might be better if the greeting is placed at the end:

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