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  1. Maximusmorpheus New Member

    How do I say, "Thank you for teaching me French". in French because there has been someone teaching me French who lives in France but I don't really know how to say or write it

    Can I write, Merci de m'apprendre le francais?


    Je toi remercie de me l'enseignement du fracais?

    We are se toutoyer because we have become friends :)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
  2. pmqs

    pmqs Senior Member

    Portsmouth, England
    English - South
    Merci de m'avoir appris le francais
  3. doinel

    doinel Senior Member

    Southern France
    France French
    Si c'est encore de mise:
    Merci de m'apprendre/ de m'enseigner le français.
  4. Meille Senior Member

    Quebec, Canada
    Of course, there are many ways to say this; Doinel and Pmqs' suggestions are good.
    I think an interesting thing here is that "apprendre" can mean either "teach" or "learn".
    "I'll learn you" sounds awful in English but "Je vais t'apprendre" works just fine in French.
  5. xtrasystole

    xtrasystole Senior Member

    En fait, 'je vais t'apprendre' signifie 'I'll teach you' (pas "learn" ici);
    while 'je vais apprendre de toi' signifie 'I will learn from you'.
  6. Meille Senior Member

    Quebec, Canada
    I would just say "Merci de m'avoir aidé à apprendre le français".
  7. pointvirgule

    pointvirgule Senior Member

    Mtl, QC
    langue française
    In agreement with doinel, I would prefer Merci de m'apprendre..., because it is safe to assume that it is an ongoing process.
  8. Maximusmorpheus New Member

    Merci beaucoup tout le monde

    I really appreciate all your help, I will persevere with learning French :)

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