Thank you for your answers, I understand it now


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I would like to learn how to thank German forumers who answer my questions. Could you please teach me an effective, natural-sounding way to say something like:

“Thank you for your answers, I understand it now” (or: “it makes sense now” or something equivalent)

How would say that when addressing a single person (you = du) and how instead when addressing multiple people simultaneously (you = ihr)?

Vielen dank!
  • elroy

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    Danke für die Antwort(en). Jetzt ist es klar.

    The above works regardless of the number of people you are addressing. (Antwort = answer, Antworten = answers)


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    elroy's suggestion is excellent because of it's simplicity: you only have to decide wether plural is needed or not.

    Another one where you wouldn't even need to worry about plural would be:

    Danke herzlich, jetzt ist mir alles klar!

    (It doesn't contain "answer - Antwort" but this is clear from context.)
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