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Good morning everybody!

I have just read this sentence as the ending line of a formal letter:

"Thank you very much for your appreciated attention."

As I have never come across it before it and there are only 84 results returned by Google, I would like to ask all of you (native speakers):

Is this a correct closing line? If yes, is it old-fashioned or less common? Have you ever used it?

My Oxford Advanced Dictionary doesn't mention any such expression.

Thanks in advance!
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    I have never seen this phrase before and certainly never used it. While it may be grammatically correct, I cannot imagine using it in a formal letter. What is the nationality of the writer?


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    I agree with Bevj. I am a native English speaker, from the UK. I have never seen this phrase before either - it is not a common closing line. It sounds a bit strange to me and I would not use it in a letter.


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    Me neither. It sounds clumsy and unclear.
    But you do see "much appreciated attention" where adding "much" makes it clear that the attention has been appreciated by the writer. Otherwise it is confusing as "appreciated" can mean "gone up in value" so I am left wondering if he is is thanking him for paying more attention than before.


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    Hi Bevj,

    Thank you for your answer. The writer is Catalan, but I assumed he read it in an email / letter written by a native speaker. I guess I was simply wrong.
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