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In business to Milan, Italy how does one say:

Thank you for your business!

I appreciate your help.
  • In a business setting - How do you say to a person in Milan, Italy:

    Thank you for your order! We look forward to doing business with you!

    Thank you,
    Hi Wendi,

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    I'm moving your request to the Italian forum so you'll have lots more possible translation offers.

    Thank you for your business!
    It's not clear if you're addressing a customer or a supplier. Please give more details.
    I would say it is a customer. A supplier provides a service. In that case, you are the customer & he should be thanking you. :D :p
    Do suppliers supply services only? So what do you call someone supplying products?
    It's the same thing. However the supplier, whether he provides a service or a product is the one that should be doing the thanking. Unless of course you want to thank him for his services. :D
    You didn't add much context. So I'm in the position I have to assume things. I assume your customer is a company and it's your company speaking.

    "Thank you for your order! We look forward to doing business with you!"

    I would write this:

    Vi ringraziamo per il Vostro gradito ordine. Speriamo questo sia l'inizio di una proficua collaborazione tra le nostre società.

    Of course there are many different formulas you can use, but generally Italian commercial letters are not warm, actually they are pretty cold, we never use exclamations marks, they might be used in advertising only to give more emphasis, on the other hand advertising is usually informal and not formal like business letters.
    I'm sorry Sylvia for not giving enough detail.

    I am selling product to my customer. I would like to thank my customer for doing business with us. In this case I think your translation would be correct, no?

    Thank you for your patients with my inexperience.

    Yes, unless you're talking to an individual person. In other words, if it's between companies it's fine.