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  1. m.d. New Member

    Dear friends,

    I would like to express my gratitude toward somebody who may do something in my favor and say it at the end of letter. shall I use " Thank you for your concern" or "Thank you for your consideration". Also I would appreciate it if you can give me any other choice.

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  2. katie_here Senior Member

    It depends on what this something (sth) was. Thanks for your concern, is an answer to someone who may have been worrying about you, enough to get in touch and ask. Thank you for your consideration, could be an answer to someone who has included you in something.

    You could say "thankyou for your help" but it would be useful to know what this person has done for you to know the exact response, otherwise it could look a bit silly.
  3. "Thank you for your consideration" is appropriate if you are hoping or asking for help but do not mean to presume that the favor will be necessarily granted. "Thank you for your help" would not be appropriate because it is presumptuous (as is "Thank you in advance for your help"). If the person has already helped you, done what you requested, or has otherwise favored you, then you can use "Thank you for your help".
  4. Espinha Member

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    Considering m.d. has said that the person in question may do something in his favor, then I would use the one in bold, because as you said he won't know forehand if that person will indeed help him.
  5. Espinha, I must reiterate that, at least in US English, it is not generally considered quite proper in formal and even some informal correspondence to thank for something requested but not yet granted. It is proper to thank for the consideration of the request.
  6. Espinha Member

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    Fair enough, my bad then.
  7. m.d. New Member

    Dear katie,paul & espinha, Thank you for your suggestions.
  8. Evolrn New Member

    Am..And what would be appropriate to write in the following case: I've registered for an upcoming conference taking place on November. Later I've received an e-mail from its organizer on possibility of making a discount for me. Here is a brief content:

    Hi Evolrn,

    I tried to speak with you earlier today but i couldn't hear anything. It was with regards to the ........................Conference brochure you downloaded.

    Is this an event your looking at attending? As your a student I can offer you a 50% discount of the standard price. If you are need any more information with regards to this feel free to get in contact with me.

    Many regards

    Does " Thank you for your concern" fit here or should I rephrase it in another way? "Thank you for your help/time" also seems to sound very rude?
  9. katie_here Senior Member

    Just.. Thank you for your offer would be appropriate in this case, as the person writing to you has offered you a 50% discount.

    If you're going to accept the offer, then

    Thank you for your offer of a 50% discount. I would like to accept.


    Thank you for your offer of a 50% discount, but unfortunately I won't be atttending this conference.

    or other words to that effect.
  10. exgerman Senior Member

    English but my first language was German
    To my mind, I thank you for your concern sounds more sincere than Thank you for your concern. The latter sounds perfunctory to me.
  11. Evolrn New Member

    Now I see the way I should follow. It turned to be even easier than I thought. Thank you for your quick reply.

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