Thank you for your help in advance

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  • psychoticbarber

    Canada, English

    "Thank you for your help in advance" is okay. It's slightly ambiguous, though, because it implies that your help is coming in advance of something else.

    I think it would be better to say "Thank you in advance for your help," thus making it clear that you are thanking me in advance for the help, and not something else.

    Also, "I am not sure if this sentence is well done" sounds funny to me, because when I think of something being "well done" I think of it being thoroughly cooked. Might be better to say "well written" :)


    Senior Member
    U.S.A. - English
    Interesting, indeed. It's a time-saver, plain and simple. If I thank someone in advance, I figuratively kill two birds with one stone:

    1. I'm assuming the person will help me with my request. (subtle pressure?)
    2. I don't have to contact the person following receipt of help with request. (pre-polite vs. post-polite?)

    Does it offend? Apparently so. I'll thank you in advance not to remove me from my comfort zone. :)
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