Thank you for your nomination /nominating me.


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Hello members,

Am I correct in thinking that, there is a difference between "Thank you for your nomination." and "Thank you for nominating me."??
"Thank you for your nomination." is more formal than "Thank you for nominating me." to my ears.

Like, say if there's a promotion in your office, and a friend of your nominated you, you would say "Thank you for nominating me.", not for your nomination, because that would be too formal.
On the other hand, if it was your leader who nominated you, you would say "Thank you for your nomination.".

Or is there no difference between the two, and it's just about personal preferences??

Thank you!
  • heypresto

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    'Nomination' can mean both the act of nominating (somebody), or the condition of having been nominated (by somebody), so "your nomination" is, for me, ambiguous.

    I would stick with '"Thank you for nominating me". It's simple, natural, and unambiguous.
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