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    Could you please please write me characters for rest of this sentence?

    谢谢你的热请的 jiao dai.

    Ideally it should be pronounces as stated, but I am not 100% sure if that pynyin is correct.

  2. xiaolijie

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    Here is your sentence, afx:

    Note a few things:
    1. I dropped one of your 的 to make the sentence sound a bit better.
    2. 热情 is the correction of your 热请.
    3. 交待 is only my guess from your pinyin, but it may be wrong. Listen to your sentence again and see if it is zhāodài (招待) instead of "jiao dai".
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  3. Lucia_zwl

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    Agree with xiaolijie, I think it should be "zhāo dài" (招待)

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