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  1. Jenny* Member

    England - English

    My Spanish teacher is leaving and my friends and I would like to write a message in spanish in her card. I'd be very grateful if someone could translate this into Spanish for me as i don't want to make a mistake (it would hardly be a good reflection of her teaching skills! :))

    "Thank you for being an amazing teacher - we will miss you a lot! Good bye and good luck at your new school!
    lots of love from..."

    Thank you in advance

  2. Cereth

    Cereth Senior Member

    language of love
    "Gracias por ser una maestra tan excelente- la extrañaremos muchísimo!! Adios y muy buena suerte en su nueva escuela

    Con mucho cariño de parte de todos nosotros: (and here you write your names)..
    or Con mucho cariño de: (and write your names) , both choices are ok.

    by the way i think your teacher will also miss you so much
  3. volky

    volky Senior Member

    Puerto Rico, USA
    Gracias por haber sido una maestra extraordinaria. La extrañaremos mucho.

    Adios y buena suerte en su nueva escuela.

    Con mucho cariño / (con mucho amor)
  4. Cereth

    Cereth Senior Member

    language of love
    i recommend you to use "ser" instead "haber sido" , because this means you think she was a good teacher at the time she taught you but also you think she will be a good teacher anywhere...
  5. Jenny* Member

    England - English
    Thank you!
  6. andie0982 New Member

    I have had Mrs. Fredericks for 5 wonderful years and I’m really proud of how much she brought back into my reading life. When I enter the school I was on a 5th grade reading level and now I’m on a 12th grade level. Before I had her I would never have taken out a book and read it. Since I had her as a teacher I been taking books out of the library and reading it every weekend. I know that if I didn’t have her as a teacher I would never thought that my reading would go up this far and because of her next year I will be in a regular English class. Every student that she becomes into contact with her can get their reading up and it’s all up to you if you want to do it.

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