Thank you very much - muito obrigada or muita obrigada?

Discussion in 'Português (Portuguese)' started by fabregas04, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. fabregas04 Member

    Hello, I have a question about how to say "thank you very much" if you are a girl. Would you say "muito obrigada" or "muita obrigada"? Or does it depend on what you are saying thank you for?

  2. djlaranja

    djlaranja Senior Member

    Brazil / Brazilian Portuguese

    He would say "muito obrigado" and she would say "muito obrigada". Anybody never says "muita obrigada".

  3. Alandria Senior Member

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    It's an easy question... :)

    Many= muitos, muitas
    A lot= muito, muita

    Very= ONLY muito
    Much = ONLY muito
  4. djlaranja

    djlaranja Senior Member

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    That's it!!!

  5. Macunaíma

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    Um ninho de mafagalfinhos
    português, Brasil
    Or, to make it even clearer, ADVERBS have no declensions. In that case, muito is an intensifying adverb.
  6. avok

    avok Banned

    i.e. muito agua??
  7. Alandria Senior Member

    Brasil - São Paulo
    Jamais. Que associação você fez?
  8. fabregas04 Member

    Thanks for all your help! Muito obrigada! :)
  9. Denis555

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    An interesting thing about this word is that it's pronounced nasally but you can't see any sign of it!

    Muito /m-um-im-tu/

    The letter "m" here represents the nasality of the vowels just like in "um" =one; ''impacto" =impact. The "m" here in Portuguese is NOT pronounced at all!
  10. avok

    avok Banned

    I thought that "invariable" :" uncountable" ... What did you mean with "invariable" ?, "much" is used with uncountable nouns dont they, like "agua"?

    I guess it should be "muita agua: much water" né? but you said "Much = ONLY muito"...
  11. Vanda

    Vanda Moderesa de Beagá

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    Certo, Avok. Muita água, muito café, muito leite, muita confusão. :)
  12. avok

    avok Banned

    Muito obrigadinho :)
  13. Matthew Barros New Member

    English - American, Portuguese - North Eastern Brazil
    what about:

    1) Agua, eu bebo muito.

    2) Agua, eu bebo muita.

    Is one of these incorrect?

    What about,

    3) O que eu bebia muito era agua.

    4) O que eu bebia muita era agua.

  14. Carfer

    Carfer Senior Member

    Paris, France
    Portuguese - Portugal
  15. anjinho Senior Member

  16. Limequilla New Member

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    I was looking online for words to say this and ran into your threads here on Brazilian Portuguese. Muito obrigada; it was just what I was looking for! :) Suzy
  17. gbeltrao New Member

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    @Matthew Barros

    If you change the words placement it is also correct to say:

    "O que eu bebia era muita água."

    Normally a comma is placed while writing to separate concerns:

    "O que eu bebia, era muita água."

    This is also a good way for expressing a situation:

    "O que eu bebia, era muita água!"
  18. Istriano

    Istriano Senior Member

    Muito obrigada but
    Toda obrigada :D;)

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