thanking for looking after us

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English, England
I'm visiting spain and my friend and I are staying with a homestay

how do you say 'Thank-you for looking after us'?

Is it:

Gracias para nos cuidas


please reply

thank you
  • allyo

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    spanish, chile
    If I got it clear, I believe you're asking why is "cuidar" instead of "cuidas"... In this case, because the pronoun that affects the verb is "us", you took care of us, or something like that.:p


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    Spanish - Argentina
    Gracias por cuidarnos - "nos" meaning "a nosotros - taking care of us"
    Gracias por cuidarla - "la" meaning "a ella" - taking care of her
    Gracias por cuidarme - "la" meaning "a mí" - taking care of me

    and so on ...


    USA english
    because in spanish the infinitive form (cuidar) replaces the gerund form we use in english (taking care of). for example we don't say, "thanks for you take care of me" we leave it in the gerund form. the formula is the same in spanish. It's always in the infinitive. Gracias por ayudarme, gracias por escribirme etc. I hope that's not too confusing of an explanation.
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