Thanks... but no thanks

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  • fsabroso

    Senior Member
    Perú / Castellano
    Muchas Gracias amigos, pero no, no soy bueno para agradecer felicitaciones y rara vez visito este foro.

    Thanks my friends ... but no thanks.


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    français - France
    I'll express like many others my wish not to be publicly "thanky" (for what, I don't know lol). Anyway nobody's made a nicy nice post for my emancipation of 1000 :D:(:D. Nothing's lost so :p.

    As the others said, PMs will be much appreciated (even some virtual chocolates sometimes :thumbsup:...which diet?....mine? ok forget 'bout it...)


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    Native English (England) and Portuguese
    I'd like to join this list of "thanks, but no thanks" I'm like fsabroso

    Muchas Gracias amigos, pero no, no soy bueno para agradecer felicitaciones y rara vez visito este foro
    and ampurdan:

    I'd rather live on thinking that masses of people would have liked to congratulate me than take the risk of disappointment.
    Thanks to all of the "friends" in the fora, that help us learn a little bit more every day!


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    Ravie de tous les messages pour mon anniversaire et mes 1000 posts...
    Mais continuez désormais en privé, merci ..

    Me alegro de todos los mensajes recibidos por mi cumpleaños y mis pimeros mil. Os agradeceré continuéis en privado en adelante.


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    Catalan & Spanish
    Hi everyone!

    I'll be more than happy to receive your PMs, but I think that having been congratulated three times in three months is plenty enough :)

    A big kiss to you all, all the way from Catalonia :)


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    Spanish, Spain
    I share Tradu´s I´m getting on for 4000.

    PMs are/will be always welcome! (If they are a token of affection :D).


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    Hmmmmm....I dreamed of having my own thread here when I first joined the forums, honestly :p

    But I had two threads here already in two months :eek: One opened by my best friend here, and the other by my own boyfriend, and there's nothing more I can ever ask for :)

    Plus, most of the people posted in my first thread posted in the second one, so......guys, I love you all too, you are all too kind :D

    Thanks, I am truly honored, please send me PMs when you need me :)


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    Queridos amigos:
    Elijo este bonito y sentido mensaje como símbolo de todas las felicitaciones que he recibido, para agradecerlas, y liberarlos de tener que continuarlas en el futuro.
    A mí me va a encantar seguir haciéndolo con ustedes.:thumbsup:
    I - importante, impresionante
    N - nunca no hace caso de nuestras preguntas
    É - estupendo
    S - super guay por Siete mil veces

    Reciba un cordial saludo desde Asia.^^


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    English, UK
    As I am rapidly approaching my second thousand, I greatly appreciate this opportunity to opt out, which I was going to ask for anyway nearer the time (in fact I tried to avoid the first one). Mostly one reads genuine and friendly, albeit exaggerated, appreciation of one's humble efforts and those not highly delighted with one can refrain from comment, but things can go wrong, and the thread become an embarrassment.

    I shall continue to welcome the odd greeting or compliment on the topic threads themselves or the odd PM for whatever reason, but please no more formal (or floral) tributes.
    Of course, I shall continue to sing my sincere praises of those I know who do not wish to opt out. Some people are so obviously nice and helpful that it would be a shame not to have the opportunity to show one's appreciation.


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    Hmmmmm....I dreamed of having my own thread here when I first joined the forums, honestly :p
    Guilty :eek:

    But I did get a thread - started by my best friend on the forum :) and it was a most amazing display of kindness and affection, from people I deeply admire - not something I'd say I really deserved. So thank you so much once again, I have to resign my position as horribly spoiled forum kid. I love you all.
    You can congratulate me on every 10000 posts I have completed, but I wouldn't be sad if you didn't. ;)
    Great idea, Whodunit! - if I ever (not likely though) reach my age in thousands of posts, you can definitely open a thread :rolleyes:. Till then, feel free to PM :p:D


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    Español de México
    Comparto el punto de vista de mis coforeros. Con mensajes privados es suficiente, y para eso no tiene que haber una ocasión especial. Siéntanse en completa libertad de mandarme mensajes privados aunque sea para platicar del clima en su región, o para felicitarme por alguna victoria del Santos (que este año va a ser campeón).


    Spanish. Spain
    Unlike Nichec and Trisia, I never dreamed to have a thread of my own, and it was amazing and moving to have one, and to read so many messages from so many people whom I like and respect.
    I never thought someone would care so much for me so as to say in public it was an honour to have met me, least of all the forero whose honesty and intelligence I admired most since I first joined in.
    This is the first, the last, and the only congrat I'd like to have, ever:

    23rd April 2007, 10:07 PM
    Join Date: Jun 2006
    Location: Ferntree Gully
    Native of: Australian Australia
    Age: 50
    Posts: 4,522

    Alexa is a thousandaire
    G'day Congr@s
    I am honoured to be able to welcome alexacohen to the heady realm of the quadruple digits.

    Long may you contribute your humanity.

    Thank you


    Senior Member
    AE, Español
    Howdy, folks.

    Sign me up. The mortification is a bit too much. (I'm blushing all day long at my desk! People think there's something wrong with me.)

    Thanks to everyone for their kind posts on my previous millstones milestones.

    I will definitely keep coming back to the forums, postiversaries or not, simply because I learn something new here every day.

    apprentice to Baalberith

    Long, long afterward, in an oak
    I found the arrow, still unbroke;
    And the song, from beginning to end,
    I found again in the heart of a friend.
    That Tall Fellow, was it?


    Senior Member
    polszczyzna warszawska
    Count me in too. I have enjoyed my previous postiversaires they were very kind and nice and made me feel really welcome here, thank you all very much for them. :) Since I've been around for a while I guess it's time others would enjoy them too. :)



    Senior Member
    Italian/ Italy
    Please add me too :)
    Grazie... ma no grazie! Preferisco fare i complimenti.
    I PM sono graditissimi, naturalmente ...
    Saluti a tutti!


    Senior Member
    Están al caer los 2.000, por favor ni felicitaciones ni gracias. Yo estoy aquí en acto de servicio. Gracias.


    Senior Member
    Catalan - Spanish
    Thank you. Neither do I. :(
    However, your PM are always welcomed, especialmente si son para hacerme la pelota. :)


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    English English, français rouillé
    I too would rather not be congratulated here. Being an extremely shy person, I really don't appreciate being put into the spotlight.

    I am more than happy to communicate via PM, however, if somebody wishes to converse in a more private setting.

    I only come here to help restore the fluency that I once spoke French at many years ago; and I like to help people, where I think I can; so my reasons for visitng are just as selfish as not; ergo I don't think congratulations are really necessary.


    Senior Member
    Aunque me parece un poco presuntuoso por mi parte considerar la posibilidad de que se me abra un hilo personal, sospecho que esa posibilidad existe. Y que no hay nada por lo que felicitarme no es una posibilidad, es una certeza, así que gracias a vosotros por hacer de este sitio lo que es y por permitirme participar en él.

    P.D.: Calma, calma, masas de foreros ansiosos por felicitarme. Siento causaros tanta frustración. Qué le vamos a hacer, así es la vida, no tengo tiempo ni ganas de atenderos a todos... :D:D:D


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    castellano de Argentina.
    Queridos amigos:
    Sus felicitaciones han sido siempre maravillosas pero ya no encuentro otras palabras para decir "Gracias". Es por eso que decidí anotarme en esta lista.

    Mi gratitud es enorme hacia todos los que me felicitaron ya sea en la página de Congrats como enviando un mensaje privado.

    Es un placer cuando puedo ayudar y aprender al mismo tiempo.
    Un PM es más que suficiente y será siempre bienvenido.
    So, thanks ... but no thanks.

    Un abrazo enorme para todos,

    Dear friends, your congratulations have always been wonderful but I just can't think of other words to say "Thanks". That's why I've decided to join this list.

    I am very grateful to all those who have congratulated me whether in the Congrats page or by sending a private message.

    It's a pleasure to help and learn at the same time.
    A PM is more than enough and will always be welcome.
    So, thanks... but no thanks.

    A huge hug to all of you,


    Senior Member
    German;southern tendencies
    [...], no soy bueno para agradecer felicitaciones y rara vez visito este foro.
    Yo tampoco, por lo cual me quisiera sumar a este grupo.

    Vengo al foro para intercambiar ideas y para aprender juntos los unos de los otros. Esto, para mí, es en sí algo maravilloso y a la vez gratificante.

    Los números que luego acumulamos arriba a la derecha por sí solos no dicen nada sobre la calidad de los mensajes, y están, al final, sujetos a cierta "arbitrariedad" matemática.
    Imagínense que tuviéramos el sistema binario para contar los posts, ¡nos "tendríamos" que felicitar por los 1.000 cada dos por tres (o bueno, cuatro)!

    Y hablando de libertades [que lo hacen algunos en este contexto ;)], me parece que la libertad personal de cada uno termina ahí donde comienza la de los demás.

    Comentarios u observaciones de cualquier tipo, felicitaciones, quejas, protestas, envíos de dinero, buenas ideas, preguntas (no lingüísticas), ... por PM serán siempre bienvenidos.

    Gracias a todos por participar en estos foros, por moderarlo y hacerlo posible.
    Gracias también por abrir este hilo.

    Saludos a todos


    Senior Member
    Me sumo a la lista.
    Estoy de acuerdo en que lo importante es la calidad no la cantidad.
    Ya me han felicitado en el pasado, lo he disfrutado y, ahora, sólo deseo participar.
    Esto no significa que no me guste felicitar a otros:D.


    Senior Member
    I'd like to ask you that you add my nickname in this list. Thank you very much.
    Muchas gracias de todo corazón a todas las personas que me felicitasteis por mis 1.000 aportes. Podéis creer que fue algo tan inesperado como inolvidable.
    Gracias a todos, con todo mi cariño, y gracias a WRF (= WondeRFul).

    Edit: Por favor. Haced una excepción a los 7.000 posts
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    Member Emeritus
    British English
    Count me in, too, for much the same reasons expressed by so many others. I was completely taken aback when I received my first congrats, in fact I didn't even know that such an animal existed, but truly it was unwarranted. To me the whole idea of this forum to me to help others and sometimes seek help and I have enjoyed every minute of it since I first joined. A great crowd of wonderful people. If the whole world could run this way, it would be a better place.
    Love to everyone.:)


    Senior Member
    Castellano - Argentina
    Este viejo corazón sentimental no resiste despedidas, bienvenidas o felicitaciones.

    Gracias a todos.

    Matching Mole

    Senior Member
    England, English
    Quick, before I reach 3000 ;)

    Thanks for all the congo-rats I've had thus far, but "thus far and no further" :)


    Senior Member
    Español - México
    ¡Hola amigos foreros!
    No creo que llegue algún día a los 1000 (por aquello de la edad:D:eek:) pero por si acaso:eek:, me sumo a todos los demás.
    Cualquier MP (PM) será bienvenido y ¡mi mas sinceras gracias a todos aquellos foreros que han sumado muchísimos buenos e inteligentes aportes a estos foros!
    Así que, gracias... pero no gracias;)
    So, Thanks... but no thanks!

    Miguel Antonio

    Senior Member
    Galego (Rías Baixas)
    This is my post 1,000, and I subscribe to all what others have said. I believe that congratulations are well deserved by all the team at WR who have built up this wonderful tool for communication, especially having to bear with us who are still in the learning curve. My self-esteem has been sufficiently rewarded by the many individual thanks I have received in my previous 999 posts, and I hope to make less mistakes as I go along.

    Keep up the good work!


    Senior Member
    France, Français
    I enjoy talking (and sometimes chatting;)) with you all, but unfortunately I'm both shy and lazy.
    PM me if you feel like it - but no congrats, thanks:)
    And MP if you feel like me - I do too:D...(private joke)

    Moon Palace

    Senior Member
    Please count me out of the congrats list too. Not that I disliked the ones I got :), but I don't think this is the aim of the forum. I agree those who should get a page of congrats are our mods and administrator.
    And... I'm far too often hair-splitting to deserve congrats. :D

    And to answer my favourite joker :), I'll be your Alice if you want to be my wizard :p. (private Wonderland joke:D)
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