Thanks... but no thanks

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Muchísimas gracias a todos, pero prefiero que no: Thanks... but no thanks.

Edito: Bueno, Sí en los 4.000 posts y después en los 5.000, 10.000, 15.000... (si vivo para contarlo y alguien se acuerda de mí).
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  • Calambur

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    Queridos amigos:

    Me he sentido más que halagada y mimada por sus siempre afectuosos mensajes; pero, bueno, ¡ya está!;)

    Claro que si me tienen paciencia hasta que llegue a los 10.000 posts, entonces festejamos de nuevo, ¿vale?:)

    Cariños a todos,


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    Dutch - Belgium
    Por favor, sólo celebremos 5000, 7500, 10000 etc. (si os gusta, claro está:)). Es que me falta inspiración para daros todos/as las gracias.:D


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    Spanish from SPAIN
    Please add me too to the list.
    I haven't contributed that much to these forums as to deserve it, and anyway, soy muy torpe para estas cosas, so thanks... but no thanks.

    Harry Batt

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    USA English
    Nobody but my 3rd son thought it made the world any better when I received a 51 year AA medalion last July. I don't need any congratulations for posting on the Forum; c'est simple comme bonjour.


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    Comme le dit très bien Jprr plus haut sur cette page: je préfère qu'on s'en tienne pour moi aussi aux "grands caps", 1000, 5.000, 10.000, 20.000... peut-être? Mille messages, on ne les voit pas passer...:)


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    Spanish (Spain) / Catalan
    Yo me esperaré a los 10.000, dios mediante y si la autoridad lo permite. Se aceptan y agradecen PMs y jamones de bellota por correo ordinario.



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    Ooh, just discovered this option - please add me to the list, too. Most of my posts are utter silliness and not to be congratulated on :D.


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    Wow! it seems safer not to open any congrats threads, just to make sure no one is offended or embarrassed... :confused:
    It's easy to check whether the person you have in mind has put their name on this list, by using the 'Search Thread' drop-down. Whether or not they have put their name on the list, I am sure they appreciate the kind thought, and are not offended or embarrassed.

    I hope that you aren't discouraged from ever starting a thread or contributing to one. Many people enjoy being the subject of a congratulations thread, and other people enjoy a chance to acknowledge their fellow forero's achievements. :)


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    Spero di non apparire presuntuoso, ma sono già stato colto di sorpresa una volta, quindi...
    Ringrazìo di cuore chiunque fosse stato anche solo sfiorato dall'idea di celebrare i miei traguardi.
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