Thanks for correcting my mistakes!

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I thought that I had already asked a similar question to this one, but I couldn't find it, if there was one!
I talk to some Chinese friends on QQ and sometimes they correct my mistakes (, and I of course get lots of help from fellow forum members on here as well!). What would be the best translation of "Thanks for correcting my mistakes!" (either before or after they've corrected them)?
Would it be "谢谢你的指正(了)"?

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  • hx1997

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    You can say 谢谢指正. 谢谢你的指正 is acceptable but not as good, because when it's clear who made the correction, there's no need to spell it out.


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    Oh, ok! Thanks, hx1997!
    yes,before they've corrected them, maybe in English we can say "Thanks in advance", and "Thanks for correcting my mistakes." after they've corrected them.
    But in Chinese we can both say "Thanks for correcting my mistakes(谢谢你的指正/or just "谢谢指正")
    But normally I would say"还请麻烦你指正出我的错误"

    Sarah W

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    Actually, "指正"is quite formal, especially for young people.
    If you are chatting with a young people, or someone you have a good relationship with, we usually say"谢谢你帮我指出错误(哟)!"or directly "谢谢/谢了!"
    If you are writing a formal letter of thanks to a serious person, or a person you are not close with, you are supposed to say"感谢斧正/指正"instead.
    It doesn't matter very much in this context if you add '了' or not. Both are fine, although I believe people(also I) prefer not to add '了'. Anyway, both are fine and natural. You can use both.

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