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I am looking for a way to say "thanks for keeping me in mind". The context is, if someone has offered to come back to you if they have any potential employment opportunities in the future.

My attempt is: "Merci d'avoir pensé à moi dans l'avenir", but I really don't think the "dans l'avenir" is correct. Should I use a future tense? I'm really confused, in fact, because I want to say thank you for the offer, which is in the past, but the thing I might actually be thanking them for, hasn't happened yet!

Thanks for any help!
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    How formal do you need to be?

    Je vous invite à me recontacter ultérieurement, si vous avez d'autres postes qui pourraient éventuellement me convenir.

    Merci de penser à moi si, dans les semaines ou les mois à venir vous avez d'autres postes comme celui-ci....

    But I'm sure a native speaker can offer something more concise...


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    Hey, thanks for the suggestions. I need to be formal, but not overly so. It's more a quick email, but to someone I don't know.

    In fact, they've already offered to contact me if an opportunity arises. I really just wanted to send a polite reply thanking them for this.
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