Thanks for your hospitality.

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Hi, everyone. Suppose you visit your friend/relatives, and they take good care of you, such as treating you to good restaurants, showing you around, and making sure you are comfortable (and they pay it most of the time). When you are leaving, what would you say to thank them? In my mother language, people would say "thank you very much for your hospitality". However, I haven'g heard many people saying that in English. I am wondering what are the idomatic ways of saying the same thing in English.
  • vivarachel

    Some suggestions. We do use the phrase thanks for your hospitality but is used more frequently after staying with someone or someplace for the first timeusually as it is more formal. As for friends and family I think you would hear the following more at least in America.

    Thanks so much for everything.
    I had a great time. Thanks for everything you did for me.
    Thanks a lot, you really went out of your way for me.
    (For friends ) Thanks for everything, I owe you one.



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    English - US
    In the Southern US, we do thank one another for hospitality, but as vavarachel said, it is a little formal for close friends and family. I can't think of any alternatives better than those she suggested.
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