That’s what I’m talking about / That's what I am saying

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In inside out animation we have Joy that says :
And... we’re out.
That’s what I’m talking about: another perfect day! Nice job everybody! Let’s get those memories down to Long Term.

What does it mean : That’s what I’m talking about...
Can we replace it with :That's what I am saying...
  • Truffula

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    Sorry, I have to disagree. It isn't a good substitution in the specific case of Joy's quoted dialogue.

    Sometimes (when meant literally) "That's what I'm talking about" can be replaced with "That's what I am saying" but in your quote it means something more like "That's right" or "That's great" (or both at the same time). References say it means "enthusiastic support" that's what I'm talking about - Wiktionary

    Whereas, "That's what I am saying" is more of a literal phrase, and often used to mean "finally you understand" or "we aren't disagreeing" :)
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