that ain't no <kind of> answer

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Jimmie lets Vincent and Jules in his house for a little while until his wife is back from work, because Vincent and Jules are in bloody clothes and have a dead body with them, and Jimmie doesn't want his wife to know anything about that. So Jules calls his boss Marcellus, wanting him to pick them up.
Marsellus: Well, say she comes home. What do you think she'll do? [listens] Oh, no fucking shit, she'll freak. That ain't no kind of answer. I mean, you know, I don't. How much? A lot or a little?
Pulp Fiction, movie

I'm confused by "kind of".

Does it mean:
That's not the kind of answer I expected.

Or is it another usage of "kind of", like here:
"It was kind of strange to see him again."

  • VicNicSor

    'Answer' here means 'solution' (to the problem).
    Sorry, what "solution" and "problem"?
    As I understand, the dialog goes like this:

    Marsellus: What do you think she'll do?
    Jules: She'll freak.
    Marsellus: Oh, no fucking shit, she'll freak. That ain't no kind of answer.


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    "She'll be upset" is no kind of answer to the question "What will she do?"
    She'll be upset, obviously, but what will she actually do?

    Uncle Jack

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    Ah yes, Myridon's answer is better. I haven't looked at this clip, and it's very difficult to work out exactly what is going no from film dialogue.
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