that dog won't hunt

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  1. wildan1

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    This is a very folksy regional southern US expression that means "that plan or approach isn't workable."

    President Bill Clinton, who comes from Arkansas, frequently used the expression with the press to describe unworkable policy ideas while he was president, so it has become more broadly used in the US (or at least in Washington!) than most other similar expressions.

    Anything similar in French?

    All I can think of is Ça va se casser la gueule
  2. klodaway

    klodaway Senior Member

    "ce plan ne pourra pas marcher/fonctionner"

    "ce plan est voué à l'échec"

  3. david314

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    Clayton, Missouri
    American English
    Or as the advertising executives used to say: " That won't fly in Peoria. " ;)
  4. wildan1

    wildan1 Moderando ma non troppo (French-English, CC Mod)

    ce plan est voué à l'échec rend parfaitement le sens --this plan is doomed to failure--mais manque la saveur du terroir de ce régionalisme du sud-ouest (Texas-Arkansas) américain...

    Y a-t-il une tournure réflétant la France profonde quelque part...?
  5. Albert 50 Senior Member

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    I'm focusing on the word "folksy"... Nothing specific comes to mind but I've heard the following which might be considered a tad "folksy":

    1 Son plan risque de tomber à l'eau.
    2. Son plan risque de frapper un mur (un canadianisme?)
    3. Son plan va sûrement mourir de sa belle mort....

  6. mickaël

    mickaël Senior Member

    Not folksy, but familiar and quite common: "son plan est foireux"
  7. carolineR

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    Indian Ocean
    the image (that dog won't hunt) sounds much better and funnier in English than in French !
    ce plan est foireux
    ça va se casser la gueule
    c'est paumé d'avance
    ce n'est même pas la peine d'essayer
    are all colloquial, but ne fleurent pas bon le terroir ;)
    What's wrong with Peoria ?
  8. david314

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    Clayton, Missouri
    American English
    Au contraire, everything is right in Peoria. In the advertising world, Peoria Il is considered your ideal, average American town to test market new products. If your product doesn't fly in Peoria, then don't try selling it in another town -it won't work. Peoria is the benchmark / le critière, le norme. Got it? :)
  9. archijacq Senior Member

    french France
    ce plan est un coup d'épée dans l'eau
    ça ne va pas casser trois pattes à un canard (pretty useless)
    ça va tourner en eau de boudin

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