that erstwhile divided the city...


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I am not sure to use the word erstwhile correctly:

... along the wall that erstwhile divided the city...

is this correct?
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    Yes, I'd use formerly there too. I'd probably only use erstwhile as an adjective (and then quite sparingly):
    The erstwhile wall which divided the city.
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    I second what ewie said. I'd personally use "formerly" in this context, or a periphrasis. "Erstwhile" sounds too archaic in my humble opinion.



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    ... along the wall that erstwhile divided the city...
    I don't think this adverbial erstwhile can be called exactly incorrect: the OED has some examples, one as recent as the 19th century! However, it sounds very old-fashioned (far more old-fashioned than adjectival erstwhile), and I fear that nobody will be able to find any respectable 21st century examples.
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