That horse was rank

Discussion in 'English Only' started by susanna76, May 21, 2011.

  1. susanna76 Senior Member

    In the movie The Misfits, one of the characters, who had just participated in a rodeo riding a horse and then a bull, says "That horse was rank"! Does it mean the horse was really good at bucking him off?

    Is this usage common? What other things can be rank?

  2. Sharifa345

    Sharifa345 Senior Member

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    It means smelly. It is definition under adjective in WR dictionary
  3. susanna76 Senior Member

    Ah, ok. I thought it was about another meaning of rank, having to do with position or standing.
  4. eni8ma

    eni8ma Senior Member

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    Yes, it means smelly, but "really very smelly" :)
  5. sjb0926 New Member

    I can't tell if these folks are kidding above, but "rank" does not mean smelly when referring to a horse.
    from :
  6. sdgraham

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    A word from horse country:

    "Rank," when it applies to equines, is a horse of a different color. It has nothing whatsoever to do with odor, despite the fact that horses do have a distinctive smell. :D

    In that colloquial context (AE at least) , it means "very difficult to deal with," which, of course, is one of the qualities desired in a rodeo bronc.
    Among horse folks in the American West, absolutely. Outside of that select group, no. (As you can see from some of the answers above)
  7. quillerbee Senior Member

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    I live near a rather expensive shop called "Rank Socks". It makes me smile every time.

    But seriously, sjb and sdg are the only ones here who know anything about horses.
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  8. ewie

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    I know that they have a certain number of legs and hang about in fields a lot:)
  9. Packard

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    "A certain number..." could you be more specific?

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