That is a good girl/boy vs There is a good girl/boy

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Anushka Athukorala

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Hello Members
I would like to know if these two phrases are similar or different in their usage and meaning. I will mention a context.
"I have been training my dog to obey my commands for months and finally she understands them and obey them. So whenever she does what I ask her to do, what should I say?"
Me. Serbi sit (and she sits so I say)
Me. That is a good girl. Or
Me. There is a good girl
  • Anushka Athukorala

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    Hello heypresto,
    Thank you very much for your answer. If both of them don't work, what do you use in the context I described above? And Could you please tell me in what context native speakers use "There/That is a good girl/boy"?



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    English - England
    I can't think of a plausible context in which we would say "There/That is a good girl/boy."
    However I have definitely heard, "That's a good girl/boy."

    The expressions I am familiar with are:

    There's a good girl.


    That's a good girl.

    However as someone who has done a lot of dog training, it's much more common to simply say, "Good girl/boy!" or simply, "Good dog!"
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