that <is going to be> the reporter [deduction]

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Arabic Egypt
Hi, I read that part of conversation:
A:There is someone in the reception asking for you.
B: Oh, that is going to be the reporter I agreed to talk to.
Is the usage of am going to here is correct, I mean we used it in a deduction form.
  • velisarius

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    British English (Sussex)
    I don't believe we do use "going to be" as an alternative to "will be" or "must be" when "drawing a reasonable conclusion". It sounds most odd to me. Where did you find the sentences, AKAMAHZ?

    [Edit: Of course, as is normal in speech, "That will be..." is usually contracted to:
    That'll be the reporter.]
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    British English
    I think "That's going to be..." instead of "That will be..." in this context seems quite natural in British informal English.
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