<That> is not the point.

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Edward and Susan are having a row, and Susan seems to be trying to break with Ed.

Ed: Do you love me?
Susan: That's not the point.
Ed: No, that is the point.
Susan: No, it is not the point.
Ed: You didn't answer me.

Source: Nocturnal Animals (2016), an American movie.

I have a little problem with this dialogue.
Does the 'that' in 'that is not the point' equal to 'I don't love you'? Or perhaps Susan is saying that the question whether she loves Ed or not doesn't matter?

Thank you.
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    "That" really means "the answer to that question".

    -- The answer to that question is not the point.
    -- The answer to that question is not as important as other aspects of the situation.
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