That is what I'm sayin'.


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Is it ever proper english to use in' against ing? Because in cowboy talk, there grammer is not right at all. (Also redneck talking) EX: Howdy y'all! Jeet yet? = Hello everyone, did you eat yet?
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    Aw Bejasus naw.
    Yiz nivver wanstill yous thon kinda stuff in ritin.
    Furgawdsache catch yerselfawn weelawd.

    In reality, this kind of talk happens everywhere every day.
    But if you want to be understood, and accepted as competent in English, you should be very careful indeed where you use' instead of


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    Yea, this is how people talk, this is not how you are supposed to type up reports, don't worry about how you talk, use proper English when you are typing a paper or something!


    I would only use ~in' in writing if I was quoting or using a very commonly accepted colloquialism.

    It was some party, we were rockin' and rollin' all night!