That line wore out its welcome

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Hi all, please explain to me the meaning of the bold one.

The short man tapped a pencil against his bottom lip. “You’re going to have to settle your account with Dew first. He’s getting impatient. He’s been generous with you, and you haven’t returned the favor.”
“Tell him I’ll have the money by the end of the night.”
“That line wore out its welcome a week ago.”

Does line mean statement?
What does wear out mean?

  • kalamazoo

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    US, English
    A "line" in this context is some sort of pat answer or deceptive statement.

    If a person "wears out their welcome" it means that they have come to your house and imposed on you too many times or somehow acted badly too many times and so you don't welcome them any more the way that you used to.

    Here's its metaphorically used for the "line" as though the person has said too many times that he would have the money soon and so they don't beileve it any more.
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