That makes me salty.

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I was watching a livestream of a game and the gamer said the following words

"It didn't restart me at the boss? You mean I have to do this entire level all over again? That makes me salty. I might move onto the next game."

What does he mean by "salty"
  • PaulQ

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    Urban Dictionary: salty
    1. Being salty is when you are upset over something little.
    2. The act of being upset, angry, or bitter as result of being made fun of or embarrassed. Also a characteristic of a person who feels out of place or is feeling attacked.


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    I've seen "salty" in recent months in game forums (World of Warcraft). But only in 2019 -- I never saw it before.

    It seems to mean something like "angry with the game; complaining". I'm not sure of the exact meaning.
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