That my mother keeps .... is annoying. ['that' to begin sentence]

Discussion in 'English Only' started by jitvimol, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. jitvimol New Member

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    I have heard notion form many gurus whether it is grammartically correct to start a sentence with "That" but it is not clear: some say it is ok, but some say it doesn't.
    What do you guy think about the following sentence?

    structure: "That ................ + V1"
    or "That..................+ be"

    "That my mother keeps telling me to take a bath is annoying"

    P.S I'm not sure that whether it is a good example but please refer to the above structure.
  2. Dimcl Senior Member

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    Hi Jitvimol, and welcome to the forum.

    There is nothing grammatically incorrect about your sentence. It's perfectly fine although not as idiomatic as we might use in conversation. Casually, we would simply say "It's annoying that my mother keeps telling me to take a bath". Your sentence, however, is certainly grammatically correct.
  3. Full Tilt Boogie Senior Member

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    You're right: there are two schools of thought here.

    One will recommend that it's not 'correct', and the other will say it's OK to do so. I'm in the latter camp, as there are exceptions to the rule - usually in prose. For example:

    "That I should have to suffer this aggravation from my mother, just to take a bath?" Note you're structuring the sentence as a question.
  4. jitvimol New Member

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    Thanks Dimcl and Boogie so much. Finally, i clearly understand the explanation.
    That's an useful information for non native speaker like I.
    Btw, Thanks for the welcome. ^^
  5. Cyberbear New Member

    That my mother keeps telling me to take a bath is annoying.

    [That my mother keeps telling me to take a bath]= Subject clause expressing it in a factual way.
    [is]=linking verb, links to the compliment which is an adjective describing the subject.
    [annoying]=adjective in this case.

    One could say it more like the following—
    The fact that my mother keeps telling me to take bath is annoying. [does sound better]
    Or another example would be—
    What is annoying is that my mother keeps telling me to take a bath.
  6. Parla Senior Member

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    It's grammatically correct, but I can't imagine anyone actually saying it.
  7. Cyberbear New Member

    I have heard people say that about their mom/dad and not just the subjects on bathing/showering. I have heard parents telling their kids to do something and them expressing it that way to me—especially children complaining about their parents telling them to take a bath, cleanup, and/or do their homework. I can't imagine someone living a life so far as they've never heard or read such a sentence in a book.
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