That obviously disses one Donald Trump


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Elon Musk is a geyser of gibberish, so it's important not to make too much out of anything he says. But a recent twitter thread of his deserves the attention it got, if not for the specific detail on which most journalists focused. They led with Musk's statement that he would support a Ron DeSantis candidacy for the presidency in 2024. That obviously disses one Donald Trump, though it should come as no surprise: Magnates like Musk typically cling to the moment's shiniest toys, and DeSantis, fresh off his re-election, is a curiously gleaming action figure. -An Article from the New York Times


I was reading an article on the rise of a new republican candidate who can potentially be a threat to Donald Trump's 2024 presidential bid.
I'm wondering what "one" in "That obviously disses one Donald Trump" is supposed to mean.


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    Thanks! Would it be correct to assume that it's intended to be humorous by talking about a person everyone obviously knows as if nobody heard about that person?
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    Maybe, but I wouldn't use the term "humorous" myself. To me it just adds color to what would otherwise be a pretty boring clause.


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    By the way, this is not a news article.
    It's an opinion piece by Frank Bruni, a regular columnist, and it's not far from his usual style. He can be straightforward or sarcastic as he wishes.


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    Note this from our dictionary:

    WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2022
    one /wʌn/ adj.
    7. (used to show strong feeling about the noun or adjective that follows) a or an:That is one smart dog.