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I have this sentence in english and I have attempted to translate it into french witout aving to use the passive. I don't really understand how to translate the portion "that on the ticket." I've used "celui" but i'm not entirely sure how it works so it may (and probably is) wrong.

"He is then refused entry into a stadium by a French official because his name does not match that on the ticket."
"Ensuite, un officiel français le refuse accès au Stade car son nom ne correspondre à celui sur le billet."

Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated!
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    It should be "à un stade" also.

    Another possibility:
    Il se voit ensuite refuser l'accès à un stade car son nom ne correspond pas à celui sur le billet

    quinoa, I don't quite see the problem of using "celui sur le billet", "à celui qui se trouve sur le billet" is an unnecessary complication...
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