...that one's devotion to do his tasks well is to be admired

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I have a book containing tests here. The author isn't a native. I've already met numerous errors in it. Now the test theme is 'Error correction'. The task is 'Mark the word or phrase which is not appropriate in standard English. There is only one error in each sentence.' And here is the sentence:
Don't (A) you agree that one's devotion to do (B) his tasks well is (C) to be admired (D)?
The book tells there is an error in section (B). But I can't understand what's wrong there. Could you help me?
  • pob14

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    American English
    I don't know that it's actually wrong, but we generally are devoted to nouns: devoted to our family, our work, our country. So I would expect a gerund: devotion to doing.


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    I would say it is actually wrong, for both nouns and verbs:

    :cross:He is devoted to do his tasks well.
    :cross:his devotion to do his tasks well

    'Doing' works here, as pob14 says.

    Incidentally, 'one . . . his' is correct in AmE but not in BrE, which uses 'one . . . one's'.
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