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    I was wondering if anyone on here could help me. I am pretty new to learning Korean and so would like it if someone could check if this was a correct sentence structure

    I want to say: That person is polite

    그 사람은 공손한 이다

    Thanks (in advance) for the help!!!

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    Style in Korean can be marked by sentence endings. So the example can basically be interpreted in two ways, formal or casual depending on your intention. And each has two sentence-ending styles.

    Formal interpretation:
    1) 저 분은 공손합니다. (합니다. Style)
    2) 저 분은 공손해요. (해요 style)

    분 here is a honorific counterpart to 사람. I think that 분 is more appropriate for a formal sentence.

    Casual interpretation:
    3) 저 사람은 공손해. (해 Style)
    4) 저 사람은 공손하다. (하다 Style)

    That in that person literally means 저, but 그 can be used as well because it makes sense.
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    Hello, minah-sarang. :) I agree with Kross's. However, I just want to help you more. :)

    I'm not sure, but some British who study Korean usually say(add) "이" when they refer to a person.
    However, that's not a good expression. Let me explain why.

    You said "그 사람은 공손한 이다"

    In that sentence, "이" means "person" so it is redundant. "그 사람(person)은 공손한 이(person)다"
    Well, there is an exception: "그 사람(person)은 공손한 사람(person)이다"

    Suddenly, it is a little bit more complicated, but if you say "이" to refer to a person, it sounds like old-fashioned.
    In addition, 사람 and 이 don't match.

    That's why you'd better say "그 사람은 공손하다(verb)" or "그 사람은 공손한(adj.) 사람(noun)이다"
    Does it make sense?
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