that runs you by the letter

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    Could someone explain this joke from NPR's 'Wait Wait Goes to IKEA' (Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me! is a news quiz):
    - They were using Futura.
    - Oh, that runs you by the letter.
    - Yeah, that'll run you, especially with the consonants, they add up.
    Here they're talking about IKEA's decision to change fonts from Futura to Verdana. I'm not sure about the meaning of 'run you': perhaps 'manage your life'? Or 'print something'? I suppose 'by the letter' means 'to the letter'. I think the consonants add up because FTR means 'for the record'.
    Any comments?
    [Sorry I can't post a link to the programme]
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    "Run you" in this context means "costs".

    That runs you by the letter -- te cobran por letra
    Yeah, that'll run you. -- Sí, te costará caro.
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    Thanks for your help!

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