that speaking in abstractions may obscure the underlying reality

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By writing "that speaking in abstractions may obscure the underlying reality", the speaker shows that he is in a dilemma because he previously said he's reluctant to introduce the details of human crimes?

The question is that it seems a bit too elusive to me to get the essence of what the author intended to tell readers.

Thanks in advance

While I am reluctant to traffic in the details of these crimes, I fear that speaking in abstractions may obscure the underlying reality. Despite a steady diet of news, which provides a daily reminder of human evil, it can be difficult to remember that certain people truly lack the capacity to care about their fellow human beings. Consider the statement of a man who was convicted of repeatedly raping and torturing his nine-year old stepson:

-Sam Harris (The Moral Landscape Page 66)
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    He seems to be saying that while he's reluctant to go into gory details, he doesn't think you can explain things properly by talking in vague abstract terms.


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    gory details
    Note that "gory details" is a fixed expression. Gory generally refers to blood but this expression can have a wider, more figurative meaning.

    the gory details
    phrase of gory
    1. 1.
      the explicit details of something.
      "she told him the gory details of her past"
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