That sucks!

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Привет всем!

I've been searching online Russian-English dictionaries for this very useful English slang expression, but I didn't know which "translations" to go with, since the line between slightly familiar and very vulgar/offensive is often extremely difficult to keep sight of when one is still learning one's way around a new language. A Russian-speaking friend of mine said you could say, "Это жалко," but I had learn that to means simply "That's too bad." Because "That sucks!" is a stronger expression, I thought there must be one in Russian that conveys a more similar meaning. I also found "[Это] хреново!" and, on WordReference, "Отстой!", but I wondered if I could get some more input from native speakers to get a better idea of what is considered offensive, what is outdated and silly-sounding, etc.

Спасибо большое!

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    Indeed, it can be (вот) отстой! or (вот) блин! or хреново! or ё-моё! or any other Russian interjection denoting vexation or disappointment. The word это doesn't really fit in here, it's not used in interjections. Translating it in foul language wouldn't be correct either.


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    I dare say there is no any universal translation of this expression in Russian. Some context is needed to offer the best variant.

    For example: "He cheats his clients. That sucks!" - "Он надувает своих клиентов. Это отвратительно!" <"Это хреново!" Ну и мерзость!" "Это не есть хорошо!", etc.>

    PS (Как) жалко! - What a pity!
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