1. snoopyfan New Member

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    Bonjour! Could someone tell me how to translate "That sucks!" or "It sucks to be you"? I'm not sure that there is an exact translation to French and think it might have to do with the context. My daughter was watching a movie where a character describes a place by saying "Well, this sucks." and the French dubbing was "C'est nul ici."

    Merci beaucoup! Sorry about the missing cedille, I can't figure out how to make it work other than in Word.
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  2. MattF

    MattF Senior Member

    English UK
    Hmmm. To me, "C'est nul" just implies "not very good", rather than "very not good"; I think
    "c'est bidon" has the same problem. It should be whatever is the opposite of "c'est le pied" is
    (or at least used to be, I don't know how current it is as an expression now...).

    There is at least one lavatorial expression, but the ones I'm thinking of may be too strong to be equivalent.
  3. anangelaway

    anangelaway Senior Member

    Bonjour to you too!

    I guess it could be:
    ''C'est nul ici!'' as you suggested and totally appropriate.
    ''C'est naze ici!'' which to me really mean 'that sucks'

    By the way, I don't see where you were missing a cédille anywhere, but just in case you need to use it, then try alt+135 = ç or alt+128 = Ç
    and for all the French Accents here click me

    Matt, I love your avatar, very cool!;)
  4. snoopyfan New Member

    USA, English
    Merci à vous! I always forget that ici has no cédille....
  5. Jamo New Member

    English, Australia
    Another possible loose translation for 'that sucks!' could be 'ça craint' or 'ça fait chier!' I reackon, although it depends on its usage.
  6. Fred_C

    Fred_C Senior Member

    "C'est naze" and "ça craint" are indeed better than "C'est nul", but they are somewhat regional, and might sound ridiculous in other regions of France. "C'est nul" is regionally neutral, that is why it has been chosen in the dub.
  7. maddief24 Senior Member

    English, Pennsylvania, United States
    Just to clarify, where would "c'est naze" and "ca craint" be appropriate? In the South I'm guessing? Also, could you explain a bit what "naze" means exactly? I know I've heard it but I don't remember the situation well enough to be able to use the word myself.
  8. prko New Member

    italian Italy
    Pourriez-vous me traduire en francais l'expression "That sucks!"?
    Merci bien.
  9. charcholle Senior Member

    Bristol UK
    French France
    something like 'c'est nul', ou 'ca craind', 'c'est pourri'
  10. Kraus Senior Member

    Italian, Italy
    C'est dégoûtant.
  11. Evi Senior Member


    translation: c'est un tas de conneries!

  12. edwingill Senior Member

    England English
    c'est de la foutaise
  13. Hello everybody,

    I am trying to tranlate in French this phrase:

    "I heard this song when I lost my girl friend and that sucks ...... badly".

    What means "suck" ?

    Thanks for help.

  14. thbruxelles Senior Member

    French - France
    It could be dated (wait for other replies), but I usually think of 'it sucks' as 'ça craint' (perfect: ça craignait). Very colloquial.
  15. leliz Member

    English- USA
    C'est chiant ça.
  16. Wopsy

    Wopsy Senior Member

    The garden of Ireland
    English - Ireland
    Yes - I had this very conversation with a French colleague a couple of days ago & we decided that 'ça craint' was the best translation for 'it sucks / that sucks'.
  17. thbruxelles Senior Member

    French - France
    Ouf, mon français n'est pas trop obsolète !
  18. "ça craint" , this good for me

    Thanks everybody.
  19. peanut24 Member

    Québec, QC
    English - Canada
    ça craint

    Is this expression common in quebec as well?
    I also hear c'est chien and c'est poche here.
  20. broglet

    broglet Senior Member

    English - England
    'it/that sucks' in the above context is mainly AE

    in BE it is more likely be used to describe the operation of one of those tubes that dentists put in your mouth
  21. Salvatos Senior Member

    Québec, Canada
    French - Québec
    Not common, probably not used, but understood as a typically French idiom.

    I won't go into details of how Quebeckers say "it sucks", but in the OP's sentence, I could indeed very well picture a Quebecker saying "... et c'est poche".
  22. padmavyuha Senior Member

    Dawlish, Devon
    English - Southern England
    "that sucks" is becoming much more common in BrE these days, sorry Broglet :).
  23. zbrock77 Member

    On peut traduire par:"c'est degueulasse.
  24. etena75 New Member

    for me the best would be "ça craint!". I don't think it's particularly regional.
  25. artimit Member

    Persian - Iran
    Est-elle une expression cette phrase?
    "That sucks."
    Qu-est ce que ça veut dire exactement?
  26. Paul Hisson Senior Member

    Udon Thani - Thailand
    French - France
    En français, on peut dire "Ça craint !" ou "C'est pourri !" ou "Ça pue !" ou "C'est de la daube !" (ou "c'est de la merde") ou "Ça ne vaut rien !" (par exemple).
  27. artimit Member

    Persian - Iran
    Merci Paul Hisson.
  28. °annamaria° Member

    Southern Italy
    Je pensais que "ça fait chier" c'était une expression familière signifiant "je m'ennuie beaucoup, c'est ennuyeux". ça veut dire "c'est nul" aussi?

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