that that (pronunciation)

Gergedan Cemil

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Hello everyone,
I was wondering how you pronounce "that that", as in: "I'm sad that that man won't come with us." I pronounce it "ðət ðæt", but I'm not sure if you'd pronounce it with two schwas or æs.
  • owlman5

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    The ae sound is normal, Gergedan. In speech, a speaker would likely emphasize the second that by saying it louder and a little more emphatically than he spoke the first instance of that.


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    Yes, I would reduce the vowel of the first that too, normally. However, I don't rule out the two thats with full vowels or with reduced vowels. (Well, I tried saying those versions to myself, and they sound OK. The double full vowel version sounds a bit ponderous, and the double reduced vowel version sounds more likely.)


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    In normal speech I think I reduce the first to "thet", not "thət". The second would be pronounced normally and stressed.

    In very slow, deliberate speech both would be pronounced as "that".

    I can't imagine ever reducing the second "that".