That was scary close!

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Hi everybody!

Unfortunately I have no context for the following sentence, but I absolutely need to know its meaning....can anyone help me? When may such a sentence be used?

  • Fern_

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    English - British
    That was very close! Something very bad nearly happened! (e.g. an accident, or being caught doing something you should be doing). It was so close that it was scary. I was scared (frightened).
    The grammar is informal though, because really it should be 'scarily close'.
    You might say it to the person driving the car you are in, after another car nearly hits you. Or maybe to your best friend on the phone, after your husband came home and nearly caught you with your lover. Or to a classmate after you pass an exam with the minimum mark.


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    You must have heard or read it somewhere because if you pulled it from your brain you would know the meaning. You should share the source because every bit helps.
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