That was unionized.


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Hi. everyone

Following is a conversaion between Mr. CHARLIE ROSE and Mr.WARREN BUFFET. I try to look up the meaning of "unionized" and "regulated", but I cannot understand them . Could you please explain ?

CHARLIE ROSE: This was an industry...

WARREN BUFFETT: You spend money...

CHARLIE ROSE: That was unionized.

WARREN BUFFETT: It was unionized. You spend money in this business regularly every day. You’re spending a lot of money to repair track, add rolling stock, whatever it may be. So it’s capital-intensive, and it is regulated, and it will continue to be regulated, and it will continue to be capital-intensive.

Thanks in advance.
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    The industry was unionised.
    From unionised - belonging to, or having workers belonging to, a trade union.

    The industry was also regulated.
    regulated - being controlled in some way by government.
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