"...that would a support a person in a place they live."

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Hi. There is a line in a movie that I can't understand. The movie is Gold (2016). It takes place in America and Indonesia in the 80s.

A couple is arguing. The man believes that his girlfriend can't appreciate his success and achievements because she has no vision. This is how the dialogue goes:

M: You know what your problem is?
W: No, why don't you tell me?
M: You have no vision! Your vision starts at the kitchen sink and ends at the parking lot of that furniture store you work at.
W: You mean an actual job that would support a person in a place they live? You mean that vision?

I can't figure out what she means by the sentence in bold.

Does "support a person in a place they live" part have something to do with her working at a furniture store? Like, is she trying to say that by working at a furniture store, she can buy furniture for cheaper thus supporting her house (the place she lives in)? I don't think so because that would be a pretty weird thing to say, I guess.

Or does she just mean "By having an actual job, I can afford a roof over my head."

I've added a screenshot of the dialogue from the script.



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    The man believes that his girlfriend can't appreciate his success and achievements because she has no vision. T
    It isn't clear. Often in a real argument (or a scripted one like this) a speaker changes the subject. So her phrase "actual job" may refer to a job that he has, or that he lacks, or that she has, or that someone else they've talked about has.

    Based on the limited text, here is my guess:

    - that his so-called "success and achievements" are mere words -- he isn't bringing in a real salary. Is that correct?

    If so, she is probably saying:

    - my job is real, honest work that supports a person; so it has value, even though you mock it and call it worthless
    - what you call "vision" is fantasy, not reality; what are you achieving, that is more worthwhile than a real job?



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    Thank you all. I understand now.

    And @dojibear, he's bringing in a lot of money. These achievements have made him rich. But she's like "These people are using you, they don't care about you, they're gonna rip you apart. And he's like "You have no vision, you don't get it."
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