That would be jumping to conclusions


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Hi everyone,

Can 'jumping to conclusions' be used this way?

'A layman might think that (XYZ). But that would be jumping to conclusions.'

It sounds a little odd to me, maybe I'm overthinking it, but I would appreciate some input from a native speaker. I would also like to know if there is another way to say the same thing, for example: 'But that would be a conclusion drawn too fast.' Is that a good sentence?
  • Orble

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    Another, more informal, expression that can be used to refer to someone jumping to conclusions is to say they have, “put two and two together and got five

    For example,

    A: “Did I just see Sam and Amy together at the beach? They make a great couple.”​

    B: “Are you sure you aren’t putting two and two together and getting five? Amy and Toby announced their engagement last week and I reckon Sam will be the best man.”​
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